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Winter 2015 Newsletter

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Hello again, Nate here… I realized I haven’t sent out an e-newsletter since 2012, so hopefully you’re ready for my next one by now.

Important: USPS Shipping Calculations

You're probably aware that the changes UPS and FedEx introduced to their rates at the end of the year now take into account "dimensional weight" instead of just actual weight. Most merchants will be receiving their first invoices under the new rating in the next few weeks and some will be in for a bit of a shock. At the very least, you’ll want to test your eCommerce checkout process to make sure that USPS shipping rates are still working. As with any software update, things may go wrong, so it’s best to check for yourself.

Important: Sites Not Sending Email

We’ve noticed that some hosting companies are making changes to their servers’ configuration that relates to sending email. Most of our clients have not been affected by this, but occasionally, these server changes prevent a site from sending out email messages. This applies to sites that have contact forms, member/client/employee login systems, and eCommerce stores. Since the server-setting change only affects email, your site will appear to be functioning, but messages will be undelivered. Please check your own site by sending yourself a message through it and confirm that the email notifications are sending (and receiving) properly. Note that submissions are also generally stored in a database, so we can typically recover any data that would have been missed.

Is your site mobile-device friendly? (tablets, smart phones)

This was the topic of our previous newsletter (almost 3 years ago) and it is still extremely relevant. There are plenty of articles that discuss statistics related to mobile devices. Check your site on various devices yourself, or email us to have us do it for you!

It seems that, for most industries, tablets cannot be ignored. If your site is not “responsive” then people browsing your site with anything other than a desktop computer will not have an optimal experience.

Could your site use a fresh coat of paint?

I’ve been building websites professionally for over 8 years now, which means that I’ve seen clients come and go. Typically, a new web person starts ‘from scratch’ when building a new site. This is unnecessary… I always build my sites using ‘templates’ that give me the ability to customize the look and feel without starting over or rebuilding.

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