EDIT: To see a demonstration of the Joomla RSGallery2 Community Edition, click here.

NOTE: One of the great things about Open Source software is that there are... thousands... of other nerds (like me!) around the world who develop new things, and share.  I am excited to finally be able to make a contribution!

This project started when a client asked me to build an online community for artists to (a) pay a subscription / membership fee, (b) post their work in selected galleries, and (c) communicate with eachother.  No problem, I love these types of projects.

WARNING!  If you are not a Joomla Developer, anything below this line may cause injury.

At the time, the 2 best options were either RSGallery2 or Gallery2 (bridged).  Since neither option really had what we were looking for, some customizations were in order.  We have also tested this configuration to work with other components like Fireboard, JEvents, Acajoom, SH404, and more.


  • Visitor selects top-level RSG2 albums (Categories) to see available users
  • Visitor clicks on a user's thumbnail and is taken directly to that user's CB profile
  • On the CB profile page, we now have the RSG2 CB tab with lightbox scripting (This prevents someone from needing to click 4 or 5 times to see a full-size image.  Very slick.)


  • Joomla 1.0.15
  • JACL Plus
  • Community Builder 1.1
  • RSGallery2 1.0.14
  • RSGallery2 Searchbot


  • Users only see THEIR albums in the drop-down form (frontend)
  • Links to CB profile from sub-gallery
  • Top-level hidden
  • Lightbox on CB profile; limited to 600px
  • CB profile links to PM software (UddeIM)
  • "Edit Galleries" link hidden on CB tab
  • AEC Micro-Integration ($$$) **CORE**
  • JACL-Friendly
  • CB User Lists
  • Custom "Logged Out" page

Download here: (requires registration)

Google has started suggesting searches on their home page, as well as their new browser, Chrome:


The Power of Suggestion:

  1. Less spelling issues - If you can't spell a word, enter the first few letters and Google will probably spit out the word you're thinking of.
  2. More Generic Searches - Now that the popular search phrases are going to bubble to the top, people will be less likely to actually think of their own searches.
  3. More Money for Google - Since people aren't thinking of their own searches, businesses who advertise on Google are going to be forced to bid on the most popular keywords, paying inflated prices for clicks.  This is examined in detail in this blog post.

(I've been using this feature in Firefox for quote some time now...)

[edit: 08-09 CBCC Ambassadors are featured in the W4 March-April edition - click here]

I'm honored to have been chosen to be an "Ambassador" for the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. If you're not yet a member, please put my name in the "Referred by" field at the bottom of the form. (Here is a PDF with my name already on it for your convenience.)  Also, sign up between 9/17 and 10/31 and they will waive the $30 processing fee.

Joining the Chamber in May '07 was a great idea for me.  Initially, I did it for the health insurance coverage, but after getting involved by attending workshops, business card exchanges, and even helping out with a few seminars... the $200/year membership fee has paid for itself many times over.

[Note: This newsletter was also sent out via email, but I am posting it here as well.  If you've already seen it, no point in reading twice.]

Oops.  This "monthly" newsletter hasn't "sent itself" since March.  I guess getting busy isn't bad, but it's time to officially retire this newsletter. I've started to put company announcements, hints and tips, and general commentary here instead.

(Something didn't feel right about blasting out emails like that every month anyways.)

Let's face it. Facebook caught on because next to Myspace, it was tolerable.  Myspace is notorious for having glittery, flashy, overdone, obnoxious pages that can give you a headache in a matter of seconds.  Plus, music.  Without my consent!

I'm done.  Let's take a look at what facebook changed and why it's better:

Old Home Page

Awkward "Appilcations" menu on the left, news feed in the middle, announcements, pokes on the right.



What a support group.




In this entry, I will share some of my personal tricks regarding organizing your Web site and email so that you can access your information from the road, and not worry about losing important messages.


We're now running on a new hosting server.  All of our hosting clients will now enjoy a beefier, more robust server, featuring RAID drives, automatic backups, and a secure firewall.


I am a Cingular (AT&T) wireless customer, so I figured that when the time came to pick up a Broadband Wireless card for my laptop, it would be a no brainer - head to the ATT store and add it on to my existing plan.  Right? Wrong.

Nate, Thank you - so much - for everything.  From quarterbacking, organizing, hooking up your laptop and showing the discussed sites, to being a calming influence during the prepatory discussions.

I appreciate it all. You really helped the Chamber to produce a truly successful workshop!

Amanda M. Soler
Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce


Mac logoI just picked up a 15" MacBook Pro, and I'm never going back. I made the jump from Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, using Outlook 2003 Professional; now using Mac OSX with Apple's included software - Mail, iCal, and Address Book. It even syncs with my Blackberry!