Nate Covington

Nate Covington

Strategic Technology Consultant

I build custom websites that are easy for my clients to manage on their own.  Every month, my work is seen and used by over 100,000 people.  I am available for hire with building new web sites, and on an as-needed basis for help with updates, consulting, new features, training, etc…  

Sometimes, it's easier to explain what you do by what you don't do: I am not a graphic designer.  I am not an artist.  I don't like talking to people about colors, and how they make them feel.  I'm a programmer.  I'm the guy who builds the websites.  I make them work well.  This implies that my projects will typicaly involve a 3rd party graphic designer, or a "stock template" (off the shelf design).

I work with directly with business owners to build streamlined, effective web sites.  I also work with advertising agencies and marketing consultants on their clients' sites. 

The large majority of my projects are built using Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla, although I also support Magento, OSCommerce, and almost any other open-source platform.  If you are interested in hiring me to build your next web site, please use the quote request form.


Covington Creations, LLC (CEO)
Builds and maintain web sites for small and medium businesses, mainly in the PA/NJ/MD area. Main focus is customizing open-source content management systems, frequently working with graphic designers, photographers, copy writers, and project managers to produce and implement cutting-edge web applications. Over 15 years of programming experience.

Mangos, Inc. (Internship in Account Management)
As an intern with Mangos, an award-winning full-service ad agency, I assisted account managers with competitive research, worked alongside creative directors, as well as various designers, writers, and managers. Worked within all three major departments – account management, creative, and production.


Graduated from the Marketing Program at Shippensburg University with a BSBA.  During his final semester, was hired by the College of Business to redesign the school’s web site.  Coursework included a concentration in sociology, psychology, and art.


Technical Skills
Programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc)
Open-source Software
Graphic Design
Google AdWords

Software Toolkit
Mac and PC
Adobe Creative Suite - All Versions (incl. CS6)
Microsoft Office - All Versions (including Access)

Thursday, 22 January 2009 05:00

Updating your Web site should be THIS easy!

Note: The software demonstrated below can be adapted to power any existing Web site or customized to specification. For more information, contact us.

I just made a bunch of these nifty tutorial videos to show how easy it can be to update your own web site without any programming skills.  To see the rest of them, click here.

Friday, 09 January 2009 05:00

Case Study: SS Buildings

Schlosser Steel Buildings came to us with an existing web site and wanted to know about making updates, sprucing it up, and reorganizing the content. We started by converting the site from a standard HTML site to a content management system. We proceeded to fine-tune and build content. Then, we made the overall page wider to better fit today's larger wide-screens.


a.  Case Studies, not Projects
Originally, all of the featured projects were contained under "Projects."  Each project had a few pictures, and you would need to visit 5 or 6 different pages just to see all of the projects.  During the site renovation, we changed "Projects" to "Case Studies."  A slight tweak in the menu makes a big change in overall perception.


b.  Tabbed Content
For the "Case Studies" and "Products" sections, we added a nifty feature called "AJAX Tabs" to help organize and present the content.  These tabs allowed us to add lots of content without making you scroll 3 or 4 miles down the page to see it all.  Nice!

c.  Search & Site Map
Let's make it as easy as possible for people to navigate the site.  For those who can't manage the newly simplified navigation menu, let's add a quick and easy site search function.  Studies show that half of all web surfers use Search instead of menus - is your site this easy to navigate?


d.  Client Login
We also added a "Client Login" capability to the site.  For starters, having a client login on your site will impress people.  Even if it's not functional.  However, the SS Buildings client login IS functional, and it's a great tool for collaborating with clients and partners - sharing files, information, and more.   A small investment in your company's technology can improve productivity and deliver a great ROI.


View Site:

Wednesday, 18 March 2009 05:00

Google Explains AdWords Bidding Logic

Google has released a video explaining the logic behind bidding on keywords using Adwords:

"Our Chief Economist, Hal Varian, explains the AdWords Ad Auction and how your max CPC bid and quality score determine how much you pay for a click on"

Disclaimer:  Whenever he says, "Google wants to make a good experience for both the advertiser and the user so that they come back and use our services in the future" - he really means, "Google wants to keep advertisers and users connected through their revenue machine."

Questions we can answer using some (free) Google search techniques:
  1. Which pages does Google have indexed from my site?
    This is a great way to see if any pages are listed in Google that you don't want the general public to see!  If you recently launched your site, this technique will tell you if Google has you in their system yet or not.  View a listing of all pages that Google has indexed from your site by searching for ""
  2. What other pages link to my site?
    This is a great way to see how popular your site is (in Google's eyes) which is one of the greatest contributors to SEO / organic listing rank. View a listing of all pages that Google records (generally only of PageRank4 or higher) by searching for ""
    Bonus hint: If you want to receive notifications any time someone mentions your company or brand on Google, sign up for Google Alerts.
  3. I just lost a page or graphic from my web site - how can I recover it?
    Option 1: Use Google's Cache
    Bonus hint (Option 2): Use's Way Back Machine
Thursday, 16 October 2008 05:00

Real Life Example: Covington Creations, LLC

Last week's post about using Google Alerts was a great lead-in for today's post: A real-life example of how using Google Alerts can keep you ahead of the curve:


Thursday, 16 October 2008 05:00

Using Boot Camp with Windows XP SP3

Since I spent most of last night reinstalling Windows XP on my MacBook Pro, I figured I'd toss a friendly "how to" article on here to possibly help other people out who find themselves in the same situation: In order to use SP3 with Boot Camp, you need to install Boot Camp 2.1 (Drivers, etc) on the Windows XP Installation FIRST. Note: This does not affect the "Boot Camp Assistant" which is loaded on OSX.

Wednesday, 08 October 2008 05:00

Have you Googled your Competitors Lately?

google-alerts.pngI've decided to do a bunch of articles on how to use Google to build your business.  And this article is applicable for any business; it doesn't matter if you have a web site or not...

This first article will explain Google Alerts - how it works, how you can use it, and why you should have been doing it months ago.  

Wednesday, 20 August 2008 05:00

RSS - Uses & Applications

Friday, 05 September 2008 05:00

CBCC Ambassador '08-09

[edit: 08-09 CBCC Ambassadors are featured in the W4 March-April edition - click here]

I'm honored to have been chosen to be an "Ambassador" for the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. If you're not yet a member, please put my name in the "Referred by" field at the bottom of the form. (Here is a PDF with my name already on it for your convenience.)  Also, sign up between 9/17 and 10/31 and they will waive the $30 processing fee.

Joining the Chamber in May '07 was a great idea for me.  Initially, I did it for the health insurance coverage, but after getting involved by attending workshops, business card exchanges, and even helping out with a few seminars... the $200/year membership fee has paid for itself many times over.