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How do I build it? The devil's in the details.

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How do I build it?  The devil's in the details.

When it comes to building a website, the biggest problem that people generally face with software like Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla is there is so many different ways of building a particular ‘section’ of a site.  

You could build your “Meet the Staff” page using one “Article” in the CMS and list out all of the staff member’s head shots, names, titles, and descriptions in one big long page… or, you could create a custom content form for staff members that allows you to enter each bio as a separate article with fields for their image and each piece of information about them.  This type of decision makes a huge difference once you add a few dozen bio’s into the site and then decide to change something.  It’s not fun going back through them all, one by one.  

Another common requirement is to include the regular business hours on a website.  You can enter the hours in a regular “HTML widget" or module that if you plan on updating frequently, it might be easy to break the layout.  So you can create a custom form that allows you to manage the hours for each day in a separate “field” which makes it easier to change without breaking.  This is a great solution for clients whose hours change frequently.   

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