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ALMOST Switched to GoDaddy Hosting

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ALMOST Switched to GoDaddy Hosting

Historically, I've recommended GoDaddy for domain registration services to my clients because they were the cheapest. However, GoDaddy's hosting plans were a general pain to work with: they provided limited resources like CPU and memory, the database servers were isolated and slow, and they didn't include my preferred hosting account control panel software, cPanel.  This is now included with GoDaddy's economy hosting plans, which is the main reason that I decided to give them another look.  I actually intended on making this switch - I had GoDaddy provision 3 separate hosting plans at a rate of 3 years for $89.64...

I'm currently with InMotionHosting on a comparable plan for around $100/year, so this is an attractive price.  However, once I started activating the first GoDaddy hosting plan, I came to realize that my domain also required an SSL certificate, because that's becoming the de facto standard nowadays for anyone running a website in 2018.  This is where GoDaddy's price advantage became null: their SSL certificates start at $79.99/year!  I remember a few years ago when GoDaddy was selling SSL certificates for $19.99/year, so this didn't cross my mind before agreeing to the 3 years for $89.64 rate.  The icing on the cake here is that InMotion's hosting plans all come with a free AutoSSL certificate.  So I'm here to stay, for now!  

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