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Google Analytics V4 Migration Guide

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Google has recently announced some changes coming to their Analytics platform:

If your website was created before October 14, 2020, most likely changes will be required in order to continue using Google Analytics.

Identify whether you have a Universal Analytics property or a Google Analytics 4 property
Look at your property ID to see which type of property you have.

If you created your property before October 14, 2020, you're likely using a Universal Analytics property.
Universal Analytics property IDs start with UA and end with a number (UA-XXXXXXXXX-1).

If you created your property after October 14, 2020, you're likely using a Google Analytics 4 property already.
Google Analytics 4 property IDs have only numbers (XXXXXXXXX).

Meet the next generation of Google Analytics
Get started with the new Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as "App + Web") is a new kind of property, with several advantages over Universal Analytics:

  • Privacy-focused and durable for the future
  • Intelligent, using machine learning to unearth insights about the customer journey across platforms and devices
  • Enhanced, seamless integrations with Google's advertising platforms to optimize campaign performance and drive greater marketing ROI

How to Add Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to an existing site that already has Analytics:
Use the GA4 Setup Assistant (instructions below) to create a new GA4 property that collects data in parallel with your existing Universal Analytics property. There are no changes to your Universal Analytics property and it continues to collect data as always. You can always access both properties via the property selector or Admin screen.

If you use a website builder or your site is hosted on a Content Management System (CMS) (for example, Hubspot, Magento, Squarespace, etc.) that doesn't already use gtag.js, follow these instructions for your particular CMS. and do not simply paste your "G-" ID into the field that your CMS provides.

The GA4 Setup Assistant wizard does not backfill your new GA4 property with historical data. Your GA4 property only collects data going forward. To see historical data, use the reports in your Universal Analytics property.

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