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Joomla + K2 Customization: Adding Descriptions to Tags

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One of the frustrations I've encountered with the K2 extension for Joomla is the lack of a "description" when editing tags.  It allows for a description under categories, not tags.  What gives?

Here is the solution:


1. Open phpMyAdmin and add a new column to your k2_tags table

  • Name tag_desc
  • Type mediumtext
  • Collation utf8_general_ci
  • Attributes (empty)
  • Null Yes
  • Default NULL

2.  Modify Files:


<div class="paramLabel">
<div class="paramValue">
$editor = JFactory::getEditor();
echo $editor->display('tag_desc', $this->row->tag_desc, '480px', '250px', '', '', false);


Line 41 

$db->setQuery('SELECT id, name FROM #__k2_tags WHERE name = '.$db->quote($tag));

$db->setQuery('SELECT id, name, tag_desc FROM #__k2_tags WHERE name = '.$db->quote($tag));

~Line 312: after // Set title

$title = $tag->name;


$this->assignRef('name', $tag->name);
$title = $tag->name;
$tag_desc = $tag->tag_desc;

~Line 318:

$this->assignRef('title', $title);

$this->assignRef('title', $title);
$this->assignRef('tag_desc', $tag_desc);


New line around line 41 after if row check:
$row->tag_desc = JRequest::getVar('tag_desc', '', 'post', 'string', 2);
K2 tag template override:

<p><?php echo $this->tag_desc; ?></p>


When you're done, the tag description will be visible on the front end like this:

ScreenShot2021 12 23at8.20.19AM 2021 12 23

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