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Using Boot Camp with Windows XP SP3

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Since I spent most of last night reinstalling Windows XP on my MacBook Pro, I figured I'd toss a friendly "how to" article on here to possibly help other people out who find themselves in the same situation: In order to use SP3 with Boot Camp, you need to install Boot Camp 2.1 (Drivers, etc) on the Windows XP Installation FIRST. Note: This does not affect the "Boot Camp Assistant" which is loaded on OSX.

Also note: I was somehow able to install XP SP3 using Parallels, which worked fine on my machine. However, I was unable to boot directly into Windows as it was giving me an error message that said "Autochk not found - Skipping AUTOCHECK."

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0 #2 Ivo 2010-10-26 09:44
Had the same problem. Finally gave up and just re-installed Windows XP (Now with only SP2 integrated). If you don't have an integrated version thought, there are options to downgrade back to SP2. Just Google for it.
0 #1 erik 2010-03-16 01:05
I have just restored a Windows XP SP3 partition from Winclone on a new MacBook Pro, and now the Boot Camp drivers won't install. Which is expected since you're supposed to install BC 2.1 first, but I didn't have that choice since it's already upgraded to SP3. And I can't reformat be...
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