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Let's Review: Proper Backup Procedures

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Let's Review: Proper Backup Procedures

Web host agrees to pay $1m after it’s hit by Linux-targeting ransomware

What would you do if YOUR computer were hit by this type of ransomware?
What if your computer were stolen?
What if your building burns down?  

Things to know about backups:

  • “Cloud” backup services do not mean that your data literally goes up into the sky.  It means that your data is sitting in a warehouse full of servers, somewhere.  If you get tricked into using a cheap cloud service, it might be in some guy’s basement.
  • The “Cloud” (Google Apps for Business, Office 365, Exchange) is a great way to sync your contacts, calendars, reminders, and notes because it stores your data OFF-SITE.
  • Your files can also be backed up onto a remote server (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).
  • You should also back up your important files onto an external USB drive.  If you can afford multiple drives, keep one off site and rotate every week.  
  • They also make “Network Attached Storage” drives so that your computer can back up wirelessly, no need to plug in a drive.  
  • For the extra-paranoid, they even make Fireproof NAS, where it’s basically a file server built into a fireproof, lockable enclosure, which can then be bolted to the floor.  
  • You can even use a NAS drive to backup your Google Drive or Dropbox files.

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