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Latest Craigslist Scam - 2 Factor Authentication Codes

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He tried to scam me, I scammed him back.  He tried to scam me, I scammed him back.

Public Service Announcement:
Beware of the latest Craigslist scam, where they attempt to gain access to your Google account by tricking you into sending them the two-factor authentication codes!

I'll send a google voice code for verify. If your post is real and you are not a robot send me the code
you'll get a 6 digit number code from 22000 via message.
did you get the code ?
for some scammers we can't buy any product. you know most of the post are fake in craigslist side ? the code is checking for scammer and proving the real post too many scammers here i know, so if you real send me the code here

See screenshots below for full transcript!  

My approach was to trick the scammer into thinking I was going to fall for it.  When he tried to access my Google account, I actually received the codes from Google like he said I would.  Scary!  However, I didn't send him the ACTUAL codes - I sent him random 6 digit strings, just to throw him off.  At one point, I snuck a "£" symbol into my code, you know, for kicks.  "You are the great scammer" = I win!  


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