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Introducing the new reCAPTCHA!

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Introducing the new reCAPTCHA!

We recently received this announcement from Google, they are replacing the "old" reCaptcha system with a newer, smarter, easier to use system.

Many of our clients have asked about adding a reCaptcha anti-spam mechanism onto their site's contact page (get a quote form, etc) and our advice was typically as follows:

  1. Avoid adding a reCaptcha field at all costs because it makes it more difficult for legitimate people to send messages through your site.
  2. Typically, we start by adding a security mechanism called Project Honeypot onto the site, which blocks malicious visitors based on their IP address. 
  3. If blocking malicious IP addresses still doesn't cut down enough on the amount of spam that is sent through the form, then we look into adding a reCaptcha system.

With the new reCaptcha system, this goes from looking like this:


(Where you'd be forced to type the squiggly letters and words correctly in order to proceed.)

To like this:

Recaptcha anchor2x

(Where you don't need to type anything in order to proceed)

With a smarter, easier captcha field, we can now add these spam-preventing fields onto your site without making it quite so difficult for legitimate people to contact you.  If you are interested in adding this to your site, just send us an email!

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