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How to go on Vacation when Self-Employed

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How to go on Vacation when Self-Employed

One of the most difficult things about being self-employed is taking a vacation.  It requires much effort to strike a healthy work-life balance.  Many of my clients rely on my fast turn-around time for making changes to their websites, and are frequently adding time-sensitive special offers and the like.

Every year, I manage to take a few long weekends and sometimes an entire week... below are some of my practices for handling such an event:

  1. A month or so before I plan on taking off, I add a little note to my email signature informing people that I will be unavailable on those days.  
  2. The day that I am leaving, I set up an email-auto-responder so that anyone that emails me knows that I am unavailable and when I will return.
  3. On my website, I activate a notification module (block) that appears at the top of every page, saying that the office is closed and when it will reopen.

If I am going for an extended leave, I would also probably change my voicemail-prompts and send out an email in advance so that my clients can plan accordingly.  

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