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Facebook Redesign - Good Move.

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Let's face it. Facebook caught on because next to Myspace, it was tolerable.  Myspace is notorious for having glittery, flashy, overdone, obnoxious pages that can give you a headache in a matter of seconds.  Plus, music.  Without my consent!

I'm done.  Let's take a look at what facebook changed and why it's better:

Old Home Page

Awkward "Appilcations" menu on the left, news feed in the middle, announcements, pokes on the right.



New Home Page

Lots of ajax tabs to let you browse, sort, and maneuver.  The overall page is even wider, so less scrolling will be needed. Ad on the right, out of the way.



Old Profile

These pages were beginning to clutter, as Facebook allowed people to start putting 3rd party applications on their profiles.  This is the part that was starting to look like MySpace, and I'm glad they got rid of this in the new version.



New Profile

Notice that there is now a tab that says "boxes" so that you can see the 3rd party applications - but only if you want to.  This way, we're focusing on the actual content, not the distractions.


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