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Business Listing Suspended on Google Maps? We Can Help!

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Business Listing Suspended on Google Maps?  We Can Help!

Three scary aspects of having your business listing "Suspended" by Google, after personally going through the experience with my wife's house cleaning business:

  1. Google will not notify you when your listing gets suspended,
  2. Google will not tell you why it was suspended, and
  3. Google won't coach you through getting it un-suspended.

You can sign in to your GMB account and submit an "appeal" to have it reviewed by someone at Google (presumably a human being), but that doesn't guarantee anything. If they review your listing and it is still in violation of Google's terms of service, you'll find yourself sitting around for days (weeks?) wondering if your business listing will ever come back online.  The reason that Google won't "coach" you through changing your listing to bring it into compliance is they don't want to directly educate people on how to game the system.

My Solution

I was able to identify a few potential reasons why Google could have suspended the listing, and fixed them.  Much to my delight, after submitting the appeal, Google responded a few days later:



Thank you for contacting Google My Business team about your business information being removed from Google Maps!

Based on the information provided, I'm happy to confirm that we were able to reinstate the listing for you. No further action is required on your part to verify it at this time.

Once the listing is live again, it may take a few days for it to start appearing on Google. You can check to see if your listing is showing by going to maps.google.com and typing in your business name and address.

Feel free to update your business information as necessary through the "Edit" option in your dashboard to ensure the data is correct and up-to-date. In order to ensure that your business information does not get removed again, be sure to always follow our policies and guidelines for representing your business on Google (https://support.google.com/business/answer/3038177).


Google My Business Support


If all else fails?

The next option is to submit a new listing. I know this is not a good option, because you will lose any of your existing reviews. However, if Google would not respond to any communication, then this would be the next route.


If you need help with managing your business on Google Maps, please contact us today!

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