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Basic Stripped Joomla template for building from scratch

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I've built many custom Joomla templates for clients over the years, both from existing sites (e.g. not yet a Joomla site) as well as from PSD's or other artwork files.  I decided to put this download together as a contribution to the open-source community, hopefully someone else will be able to make use of it.

Files included - for Joomla 1.5.x (see attachments)

  • V1.0 installer - Install this template using the Joomla extension manager, the same way you install any other Joomla extension.  Once installed, you can enable it via the Template manager.
  • PDF of index.php - You might not need the full template installer, so just get the code for the PHP file here
  • PDF of template.css - You might not need the full template installer, so just get the code for the CSS file here

Usage Notes and Tricks

  1. The template built using CSS (no tables).  Each DIV in the template's index.php file has a corresponding #reference in the template CSS file.  It also has some some basic structure and key items (paragraph, headings, links, etc).  I have stripped out all most of the actual styles so that you can start over with your own.
  2. You will need to supply your own CSS for any navigation menus, here.  For a vertical navigation menu, I suggest "bullettree" CSS code, and for horizontal navigation menu with drop-downs, I suggest "suckerfish."  Just copy and paste any additional menu CSS into the existing template CSS file.

Questions, Feedback, Support

Please post any questions, comments, or suggestions in the comments on this page.  We will respond here as well.

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