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Quick thoughts on CiviCRM: Nice for Nonprofits

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Quick thoughts on CiviCRM: Nice for Nonprofits

If you've never heard of CiviCRM, head to to learn more about what their software can do, particularly for nonprofits.  It looks like CiviCRM can easily be integrated with Joomla and Drupal, which is great for most of my clients.

I'm not going to get into a discussion about the features of CiviCRM, but here are a few notes when it comes to installing it on Joomla:

  • You *can* install it using the Joomla Extension Manager, but you're likely to get the white screen of death (server error).  Instead, you should upload the contents via FTP and extract the contents into your /tmp folder.  Then, use the "install from directory" method in Joomla's installer.
  • Below are a few screenshots showing the "new menu item" page in Joomla, the CiviCRM control panel itself, and a basic "user" page.
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