Please note that we no longer offer hosting services directly to our clients.  We are able to support and manage a website that is hosted with any hosting service. 

Contact us today for assistance with getting started with the web hosting company of your choice.  We are also able to make recommendations.

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Email Configuration

Incoming (POP) Server: (port 110 default)

Incoming (IMAP) Server: (port 143 default)
Path Prefix: INBOX

Outgoing (SMTP) Server: (port 25 default; port 26 alternate)
(Server Requires Authentication; log into incoming mail server before sending mail)

Google Apps Support

google-appsYou can also use Google's system to power your email; in order to switch over to Google Apps, you must submit a support ticket with your account information and date/time that you want to switch.  This would also include integration with Google Calendar, Google Docs, Picasa, etc.

More information:

Known Issues

  • Unable to Send Mail; Receive Works
    This is typically because your ISP is blocking your outgoing port.  On our server, the default outgoing port is 25.  The alternate port is 26.  If you find yourself in this situation, change your mail settings to use the other port number.  In some cases, you might have to switch back-and-forth; for example, if your home office blocks port 25, and the coffeeshop down the street blocks 26.

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